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My game keeps crashing, please help


Hey, can you tell me when it's crashing?


Very nice artwork style :)


Appreciated, thanks!


I like the calmness.


very pretty.


This is a wonderfully well done game, I love it! It's so fun

I'm having a bit of a problem though...

I seem to be stuck... I finished the Return to Safety quest, but the journal won't count it as completed and give me my reward. Every objective is checked and the Provisioner thanked me but otherwise nothing is happening...maybe I missed something...

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first of all, I want to say that I LOVE this game so far! I'm just starting, but I've either run into a bug, or I'm just being stupid and need help.

**Possible Spoilers Ahead**

I finished collecting spices at Hios island for the Marciudad Merchant, and I figured it would fast travel me back like it did on the way to the island. However it did not, so I went to manually sail back home. Halfway back winter hit and my ship was frozen in ice, so I ran back to the mainland over ice, camping along the way. However, when I reached the land, the town was not there. The map shows me that I am right on top of Marciudad, but it is nowhere to be seen. Can anyone help me out? I am playing the "OS X Dev Build 7" if that helps.Thanks for a great game!


okay, I guess I should have looked through the comments, because I just found my answer down below. Thanks again for a unique and entertaining game

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the towns aren't accessible in exploration mode. Glaring oversight that I've fixed now.


Art and sound design is absolutely beautiful but, for the amount I played, Takoda very much comes across as a one dimensional example of the "Magical Native American" trope. I think you have something great here but, maybe look a bit into how native people are represented in media.


Thanks for your comment. I was kind of afraid it coming across that way although my intention was to have a completely selfless and good-hearted character to have the player come across at different times, a way to balance all the negativity in the world. Also he's not supposed to be Native American but it's so ingrained in our culture it's the first association people make when hearing "native people". Will have to figure a way around this. And I guess I'm a little naive here in my little corner of the world.

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I'm a writer so I might be of help here. o/ Just a little wording can go a long way. My advice is to slip in some annoyance at the beginning when Takoda is being made fun of. Have him turn his back and roll his eyes, then maybe shake it off somehow. This will not only show his intolerance of negative attitudes, but acknowledge colonial perspectives and how some had to put up with it. It'll flesh him out and isn't too much to change.

If I come across Takoda and see any more little nudges to flesh him out, I'll be happy to let you know. However, I know you're a game dev with a lot to do--so I don't want you to feel like players are bossing you around.

Any chance for Linux build? :)


It's on the ToDo list but at a later date, as supporting OSX and many different versions of Windows is already more work than I'd want..


This reminds me of '7 Cities of Gold' on the C64. Which is a great thing! I loved that game and this game just makes me smile :)


I think you're the first person I've ever seen acknowledge that game's existence. I played on an Atari 800XL. Great game back when EA was still a good company. You're right, it totally has that feel.

LOL I guess that makes us old?

Aw, I've gone and made myself sad now. Haha

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So I could just be stupid but I can't find the lost people; I've sailed and looked in explore and sail mode. Could someone please help?

Also, I understand the 'historical accuracy' thing but it's kinda disappointing that you can't choose gender

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Hey, thanks for the comment. More customizable characters will be included in the next build. Here's a forum post to help with the shipwreck quest:

Forum/site is down. Granted this is three years ago, but I was enjoying the game, though there's obviously still work to be done on it and it seems it may have just been abandoned. I'm stuck on this part too, sailing around aimlessly trying to find a shipwreck like a needle in a haystack. Otherwise, once I got the hang of the UI/Mechanics, this game is really unique and fun to explore. I did realize in an earlier attempt that bows are useless without also taking a melee weapon/skill as once an animal has engaged you, you cannot run away or put distance between you to continue using your bow. If you return to development, it might be good to allow the bow skill to include dagger skill with it or at least allow you to get away from an animal if it's your only weapon.

I had to shut the forum down due to massive bot issue. Have to see if I can reinstante it somehow in read-only mode. Yeah, this project is on hold at the moment. I want to get back to it at some point but the scope needs to be massively reduced and simplified. Been struggling with different things over the last few years, so game development has fallen in the list of priorities. I am sorry about that, because of the nice comments you guys still leave about it. I feel bad :(

Thanks for the reply. I completely understand. Development takes a lot of work, especially if you're the primary or only dev, and life comes first. I just discovered your game through a recommendation from the dev Lum here and really like it. It's got some issues as is of course, but overall it's got so much potential to be a favorite.
I did a fairly lengthy write-up in my rating/review, so if/when you return to it I listed a few things that could be addressed. Sorry if it's not very organized, I just got done playing and wanted to just get everything down.
I'd be happy to provide more input should you come back to it so feel free to message me if you want any assistance with feedback or testing.
You've done a wonderful job so far, and I hope to see more from you in the future. Thank you for sharing your work here. Good luck with your projects and with your irl issues. I hope everything works out for you.


It sounds interesting.´∀`


Thanks. Hoping to make it play interesting, too!


every time i try to open this game, i get a message that says "smfl-audio-2.dll is missing" but i opened the files and i see it in there. how do i fix this? i have reinstalled the game many times now and it always comes up with the same answer

Is it available for ubuntu 15?

How do you save your game? I only saw an exit to main menu option, then I couldn't load my game.

You cannot save during the tutorial in this version. You can do so as soon as you reach the first town. Will be changed in the next version.

I finished the Spice Run Mission, but I'm not sure what to do now. I can't find any options in the actions panel to travel back to Marcuridad, and the tutorial never showed how.


Yeah, it's a bit confusing. Once you get back on the ship there's a little button in the bottom-right corner next to the End turn button, clicking that you can exit back to the overworld or sail back to town.

Oh, i see. Thanks. The game looks awesome btw. :)

After some time I was able to play through to the Marcuidad Spice Quest, with occasional crashes, but now it only happens by merely opening the map or navigating the seas.

I've been attempting to play this game on my laptop, an Inspiron running Windows 10, but it doesn't seem to be working and keeps crashing not long after beginning a new adventure. Haven't been able to play because of this problem, and I'm not much of a tech savvy person. If you could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it, please! Thank you! :)

So it crashes during the intro text sequence or during the tutorial? I'll have set up a Windows 10 machine somehow then to test things out and see what's what. Thanks for reporting.


This looks fantastic btw. Could I ask what engine you are using for this?

Thanks. It uses SFML to draw onto the screen, but everything else on top of that (including the UI system) is custom.

Did you program the rest in C? (/C++, C#... whatever derivative?)

I got stuck ;__; I can't find Barlow. Where do I look for him at?

After speaking to the harbourmaster in Marciudad, Barlow should appear in the tavern after you pass the season so it would be summer.

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