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“On Sunless Isle, forever enfolded in storm and protected by insurmountable cliffs, a dark keep looms. Inhabited by an evil magus the island is overrun by madness. Many brave adventurers have landed on the beach to try to reach the keep through the forest and learn its secrets but none are yet to return... have they perished or are they roaming the woods crazed, driven mad by mere sight of the island.

Are you brave enough to find out what dark secrets lie on this isle?”

Created for LOWREZJAM2020


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • SPACEBAR to attack
  • L to toggle lantern, hold L to drop it, press L again to pick it up
  • LEFT SHIFT (Fighter) - raise shield
  • LEFT SHIFT (Rogue) - sidestep
  • 1, 2, 3 to switch weapons


The game is playable to the end but is not complete. It's missing an intro, all the sounds and most importantly balancing. But this game nearly ended me trying to finish it on time... so those things will have to wait. What is.. sunlight?

Tips & tricks

You have 3 stats to worry about:

  1. Health — lose it all and you're dead! You can pick up an occasional health tincture.
  2. Sanity — as you roam the darkness, you gradually lose sanity. In the first level the beach area is netural, meaing you don't gain or lose any sanity. The forest level is all dark. Only way to keep or regain sanity is to use the lantern or be near it (you can put the lantern down to fight monsters).
  3. Lantern oil — this is what keeps your lantern going. Oil pickups are scarce, so you better move quick.

Weapons you can find in the game:

  1. All characters can fight barehanded, some better than the others (fighter vs. rogue). Somewhat effective against monsters but you can't destroy environmental objects easily (at least without hurting yourself).
  2. All characters can pick up a wooden bat which deals more damage both to enemies and more importantly breakable level objects.
  3. Depending on your character class, you can pick up the primary weapon in the second level (but first you have to find it):
    1. Axe (fighter)
    2. Dual-daggers (rogue)
    3. Crossbow (ranger)

As a fighter, you can additionally pick up a shield which blocks attacks directly coming at you. As a ranger, you can pick up arrows.


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