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Just wanted to give a little update about the future of Cats on Broombas. The feedback has been positive and while download numbers are small, I've held back from promoting it much because of how small the level-set currently is. Due to time constraints of the jam, all levels were implemented directly in code. This made making and play-testing them tedious and slow, so I'd rather not extend the game that way.

Instead, it'd be a whole lot more convenient to make the levels right in the game and make creating them part of play. That's was the whole appeal of The Incredible Machine to me, in addition to solving all the puzzles. There's also a selfish reason for adding it — I'd love to play a level that I didn't create :)

The editor is about 50% done with basic floor editing in place. Working on adding and moving objects next. Then (de)serialising them and allowing loading and saving them through the UI.

Then comes the fun part of adding more puzzles! I implemented a couple of object types for the jam edition that didn't get included. Things like a spinning bottle and a breakable flower pot, although these may best suit levels with multiple broombas! :O

Please post any questions or feedback here or on the main game page.

Until next time! 


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Neat. Have you thought of requiring the user to finish the level once (and maybe store the "example solution" with the level file data, which might be useful for a future "show me the solution" feature in the game) so that all user-created levels are guaranteed to be solvable?


Thanks! Yeah, it's something I've thought about a little. Not sure if I'm going to formalise it as such though. It'd be useful if the number of moves was measured (compared to a Par) and scored, which it isn't. I'd much rather give a hint in the level text popup or the title. I don't expect there to be a massive community around it, perhaps just a small group of people making and distributing something.


Good luck with the level editor and l hope that this game will become more popular