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What is it?

Hair Me Out is a simple hair salon simulator where you try to keep your clientele happy and your business afloat. Cut, trim or shave,grow, curl and color the hair as you see fit to fulfill the different requirements each client brings.

Why is it...?

This is a submission to Secret Santa Jam 2020, a gamejam where you got a letter describing a game the giftee would like to receive. In my case it was something silly, something to play to help unwind after a long day at work. I set the goal on wholesome and what could be more wholesome than making frowning faces happy!

How to play

  • Look at the objectives on the right and try to follow them best you can. Primary goals affect the final score more than secondary, but it's best to get them all. Once ready, click Finish to get feedback and hopefully some money.
  • Try to have as many clients a day as possible to generate some reveneu, because at the end of the day you'll have rent and materials to pay for.
  • Keep playing as long as you have money to pay for the expenses


Most of the controls should be self-explanatory. Click to cut or use the growth serum. Hold down mouse button to trim, shave, comb or color. Hold down left mous button to curl, right button to straighten.


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Windows 15 MB


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It was so relaxing cutting people’s hair and make them happy! Really great game :-)


It's very cool! We just spent an hour there commenting on the customers' choices. It was very funny!
Bravo for the idea and the effect of the hair and bravo to your giftee for this great request.

Thanks! Some things still left to improve, hopefully can get around to them after the holidays.