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You are a treasure hunter. You have located a collapsed mine, told to contain unseen riches and treasures. But before you could make an entrance, your tent was ransacked by bandits and all your gear was stolen including the dynamite needed to blow up the entrance.

Get back your weapons and retrieve the dynamite!

Use cursor keys to move. Once you acquire a weapon, hold down SPACE and move in the direction you wish to attack. Use numeric keys to switch between items.

This is a DOS game, so you need DosBox to run it. Download DosBox or one of its frontend applications for your platform of choice.

It is a short game made for CGA Jam. I had originally planned to have more content and larger map but I had very little time to work on this. But I do hope you like it.

Have fun!


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DOS executable 869 kB


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An excellent game in a tiny archive. Gorgeusly CGA and readable graphics, sensible mechanics, I had fun and recommend this.

Thanks for posting the game! I'm clearly missing something, but how do you get past the snake near the middle of the Arid Canyon screen?

Had to boot it up and see what's what. In that case the only way is to kill the snake by using the whip. Whip is in the bottom-left corner of Bandit Camp screen (third screen down from the start).

Ahhhhhhh thank you. I didn't realize that you could sneak past the bandit on the snake pit screen.