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Loved everything about the demo. I understand you had to step back for a little while to pursue other opportunities, but I really hope this gets finished someday.

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linux version please ?


Abandoned.... Little did I realize...


Hi. It's on hold for now as it grew too big for me to handle. I hope to come back to it someday. I'm sorry.

What would it take to pick it back up? What are you actual road blocks?

Such a wonderful and unique game! Why did you abandon it if I may ask? I'd gladly pay money for the finished product.

Seriously cool game! When is an update expected?

[The video will be up tomorrow at 12pm PST]


Having serious issue with the castaway quest, cant find them and ive combed through a lot of ocean, help?


When are you going to add the craft tool.
I'm anxious


Really love the direction you're going with this, excited to see where it goes. Still quite buggy (dialogue boxes stop appearing when I load a save?), but great work so far!


Can't play... Just a clear screen that I can't do anything with.......................


This game is rlly fu to paly with friends. i would like to see a feature where you can as a captain get your crew grounded putting them at the campsite attached to a tree crying


Nice game so far - I've been playing the tutorial in Story Mode - and I think I'm stuck? I was told to pick up berries by Takoda - and return to the campsite, but I returned to the first campsite, and dropped the berries inside the campsite. Then the tutorial says leave teh campsite, then when I do, it says 'return to the campsite"? Is there another campsite I missed near the bush I was supposed to harvest berries from?  

Wow, the last update was 2015? :(


thats published date, the last update was 22 april 2017


this game is amazing! keep improving it

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