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It sounds interesting.´∀`


Thanks. Hoping to make it play interesting, too!


every time i try to open this game, i get a message that says "smfl-audio-2.dll is missing" but i opened the files and i see it in there. how do i fix this? i have reinstalled the game many times now and it always comes up with the same answer

Is it available for ubuntu 15?

How do you save your game? I only saw an exit to main menu option, then I couldn't load my game.

You cannot save during the tutorial in this version. You can do so as soon as you reach the first town. Will be changed in the next version.

I finished the Spice Run Mission, but I'm not sure what to do now. I can't find any options in the actions panel to travel back to Marcuridad, and the tutorial never showed how.


Yeah, it's a bit confusing. Once you get back on the ship there's a little button in the bottom-right corner next to the End turn button, clicking that you can exit back to the overworld or sail back to town.

Oh, i see. Thanks. The game looks awesome btw. :)

After some time I was able to play through to the Marcuidad Spice Quest, with occasional crashes, but now it only happens by merely opening the map or navigating the seas.

I've been attempting to play this game on my laptop, an Inspiron running Windows 10, but it doesn't seem to be working and keeps crashing not long after beginning a new adventure. Haven't been able to play because of this problem, and I'm not much of a tech savvy person. If you could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it, please! Thank you! :)

So it crashes during the intro text sequence or during the tutorial? I'll have set up a Windows 10 machine somehow then to test things out and see what's what. Thanks for reporting.


This looks fantastic btw. Could I ask what engine you are using for this?

Thanks. It uses SFML to draw onto the screen, but everything else on top of that (including the UI system) is custom.

Did you program the rest in C? (/C++, C#... whatever derivative?)

I got stuck ;__; I can't find Barlow. Where do I look for him at?

After speaking to the harbourmaster in Marciudad, Barlow should appear in the tavern after you pass the season so it would be summer.

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